PEFC Calendar 2022

The PEFC Calendar 2022 was designed to give prominence to the twelve winning photographs from PEFC's international competition for the "2021 PEFC Photographer of the Year" Award, which received over 5,000 entries from a total of 11 countries.

November 2021

  • Creative direction, Graphic design, with PEFC International

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“As a designer, it's always a pleasure and honour to be able to work with stunning images from talented photographers from around the globe. The calendar design was made customisable for PEFC members, enabling them to translate and produce local versions in their own languages.”

— Eddy Hill, Creative director

Design sample

Design sample

“Forests give me strong inspiration for my work and have given me lots of good stories.”

— Vitalii Popkov, Ukraine, 2021 PEFC Photographer of the Year

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“Forests are the guard standing between humanity and destruction.”

— Yusuf Madi, Malaysia

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“We need to safeguard the forests that are still here in our world.”

— Sofyan Efendi, Indonesia

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“The forest is a place where I can reconnect with nature.”

— Andrei Lazar, Romania

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“Each forest is unique and hides its own story.”

— Matej Ferenčík, Slovakia

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“Forests are part of the human nature and help us become calm and relaxed.”

— Petteri Karttunen, Finland

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