Gavi pledging conferences

Donors at the Gavi The Vaccine Alliance conference in London and Berlin have pledged an unprecedented US$ 4.3 bn and US$ 7.5 bn to immunise over 820 million children against preventable diseases. The cross-media brand deliverables were designed to help stimulate a warm and passionate response to evidence-based data and factual challenges.

From 2008 — 2024

  • Creative direction, Brand, Graphic design, with Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance

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Design sample

Design sample

“Vaccines are one of the most successful and cost-effective health investments in history with wider benefits that accrue across a lifetime.”

— Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance, Geneva

Design sample

Design sample

“The progress on child health has been amazing: the number of children who die has halved. So the goal in the next 15 years is to cut that in half again.”

— Bill Gates — Gavi Pledging Conference 2015, Berlin — Photo: Gavi/Oscar Seykens

Design sample

— Gavi Pledging Conference 2015, Berlin — Photo: Gavi/Oscar Seykens

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