15 YEARS of brand solutions

At Eddy Hill Design, we are proud to keep accompanying many of our clients' brands since our very start in 2008. Together, we have often created milestone anniversary visual identities to celebrate their successes. The year 2023 marks our turn to celebrate and reflect on 15 years of creative brand solutions at the service of global initiatives whose common goal is to make a positive difference in today's world and for future generations.

1 February 2008 – 1 February 2023

Design sample

“Thank you to our amazing client organisations and the wonderful colleagues and partners that they represent for us. I wanted to briefly mark our 15 years of exciting and enjoyable teamwork on some of the most impactful global initiatives. Eddy Hill Design will continue doing what we do best: support our long-term clients and partners in their ambitious initiatives towards a healthier, fairer and better world.

Together, we will continue to invent and deliver the most relevant, innovative and long-lasting brand solutions.

Okay, nice pause. Now, back to work! :-)”

— Eddy Hill, Creative director

Design sample

“Out of my many special memories of working together with clients and colleagues, I recall an exceptional opportunity for us to reflect and interact with Bill Gates in an all-staff meeting at Gavi in Geneva. In 2009, my creative director role had me based at Gavi's offices every Tuesday, precisely the day of the week chosen by Bill Gates for a surprise visit.

Several of the great clients and colleagues on this photograph still work at Gavi today in collaboration with Eddy Hill Design. Some others, with whom I also still collaborate today, have moved on to other organisations where we focus on different, yet complementary aspects of international development.”

— Eddy Hill, Creative director

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