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<p>I have over 18 years' experience in London and Geneva brand design agencies, having worked from designer to creative director across print, online and other media technologies for clients such as Apple, Orange, the BBC, Swatch and Nespresso.</p>
<p>Since February 2008, I operate as an independent design consultant in the Geneva area through Eddy Hill Design, a small business structure in collaboration with my wife Sanna. She is an experienced senior project manager who possesses and contributes a solid background gained in London communications agencies.</p>
<p>Eddy Hill Design now provides us with the unique ability to think, design, team up with clients and collaborators whose work and causes we truly believe in... and who are also fully committed to the next generations.</p>

<i><strong>I often get my best ideas while...</strong><br>
Cycling, talking with partners, reading, listening to new music, playing with my children...</i>
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