Thank you card

On behalf of the staff and students at Hornsey College of Art (John Lennon had studied there before me), Middlesex University, London, this interactive "thank you" card was created for the designer Romec Marber, following his deeply influential lecture "Before the Computer". Pulling a tab to the right of the card unveils the message "thank you", out of an apparently random binary pattern.

Student project, 1997

  • Graphic design, Middlesex University, London, UK

Design sample

Design sample

“I still like to refer to this piece in my current portfolio. Simplicity of design, a sense of interactivity and timelessness are all qualities that I have always strived for since my very early design work. The paper engineering aspect was also more challenging than it looked! The inside panel needed to slide gently when the tab was pulled, to enable correct visual alignments and reveal the message.”

— Eddy Hill, Creative director

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